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Father Mosel

Mosel Valley called me back
Big Silver bird took me there
Winged me through the miles
Saw Mosel River from the air
Felt the pull felt the call
On Hunsruck ground
Sat in the car
Looked all around
Landscapes remembered
Mosel Valley drawing near
First glimpse of Mosel River
Then Father Mosel I am here
No tension
At peace
Father Mosel
Brings release

I picked your grapes  From the vine  After a glass  Of last year's wine  Fingers rich  With the taste  Licked free of juice    None gone to waste  If I still live I will be here   For my harvest ‘s wine  This time next year   No tension  At peace Father Mosel    Brings release

Mosel Valley calls me back
I can hear you it seems
Talking gently to me
In my waking dreams
Mosel Valley call me back
Big Silver bird will take me there
Wing me through the miles
Smell Mosel Valley clean clear air
No tension
At peace
Father Mosel
Brings release

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