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SWEETSWORDS 52 [ Scintillation of Soul ]


Poga Humayun Dundiwala

An olive out of every atmosphere
Whose oil is almost incandescent without touch of fire
It is light of all light not any scorching sun
It is light of Muslim eyes with burning Iman

An olive neither of the east nor of the west
An olive only for the eyes not for the taste
An olive whose oil glows as if liquid gold
An olive that you can bear but you can't hold

Poga says in a fooling ton maze

Adams apple is a food for thought
Not a menu for any hungry idiot
Adams apple is the flashing lighting like secret knowledge
Adams apple is indigestion for savage but nutrition for the sage
Adams apple is Olivia Eve
Adams apple is not the food you take but fruit you give

Mr Barzakh Fitrath Ullah : The game is a feet
With the diagram of Na Laynn Shareef
With each and every heart beat
The foot mark of the men
The Alphabetical seal of creation from the ALLAH'S pen
It is the Wasilah for whom sake every needs may be fulfilled
It is the touchstone for every tear drops as desires for what ever it to be willed
And it begun from the Adam's peak in the Sri Lanka
And it continued through Makam e Ibrahim of holy MAKKAH
Then it went beyond of all behind the veil of ALLAH
And returned as the guiding fact of all reality through the MIRAJ of MUHAMMADUR RASULULLAH
It returned as the sandal of mark so still thoughts may learn about the moving beats
It returned to educate the Deaf Dumb and Blind about the command of ALLAH through the human feet's
And it is needless of all SufiSwines and KharijiKhinjirs
It is the point attractor from whom paths are granted to every MUMINS and all KAFFIRS

Mrs Be Aql Khan Usta : No Psychology can grow without the pure Noor Un Ala Noor
Just as No ecology can grow without the filthy manure
Therefore when in the ocean of primordial waves and lines
Kaffir and Muslim waves classed with each other and produced scumbags like SufiSwines
And just as scums are needed for fertile cultivation
similarly ISLAM reaches novel human harvest through barren SufiSwine migration
And from theirs offspring's any may find Islamic facts at home
And save his Jhahil SufiSwine elders with the true Islamic Uloom

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