Celina Adrian

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"the wise old man"

I guess
it was on a clear fall day
it was when I saw his jeweled eyes
it was
the first time I had ever truly noticed
a sky -
active and dilated
clouds danced in and out of many lifetimes
and it didn’t take long for me to realize that
that even though
I fell to my knees
in your wise presence
I am far from being grounded -
you appeared twice in one day
and that was as lucky
as finding two four leaf clovers side by side -
even at my age
I often playfully graze over tall grass
just to find
1 bud
4 leaves
you were there -
once at foot level
the other time
too high to recall -
only the stretch of an unreacheable hospital window
looking like something my mama
would call her heaven
and her cure
can best describe the distance -
I stumble across three clover leaves
one leaf folded to take the shape of another
and then a fourth
but I am fooled
thinking that I have found
the whole –
strong words
even a fraction
of what weak minds need
so you said something kind
and that was nice
‘cause pure wisdom has a way of seeing
right through simple expectation
but I never could have expected
that I would feel this way -
times square has a way of blinding insight
and what appeared in sight
or in a near distance
was actually far from reality
and what appeared as reality
was actually far from being in sight -
on kemp road
when I closed my eyes
and allowed tears
to flow freely
cleansing hope and desire
attempting to wash away
ignorance and bliss
this is when phenomena let me know that
my eyesight must learn to rest
actively and equally
in both ordinary and sublime -
and when I was able to see just a little bit better
you then
appeared as clear
as the mirror
of my own stare