Celina Adrian

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"the unusual lifespan of a butterfly"

usually have a life span
of a week or two
but not you,
you live long.
I watch you take flight in fragile minds and weakened hearts -
where fields of people, at times unadmittedly, latch on
to the mere strength of your wings.
I too find myself grabbing hold
sometimes too tightly, in the name of love
sometimes not tight enough, in the name of fear
the reflection of ageless trees
upon new lush green grass reflects shade
enough for me to hide my emotions and insecurities
even when it is apparent
I have simply fallen deeply, ridiculously, hopelessly in love
you never indicated that it was not safe for me
to expose the depth of my soil
but dirt has a way of concealing the truth
I buried my heart just so I didn’t have to show its ephemeral nature
but somehow, your own longevity, found a way to let me know
that I didn’t need to die this way, neither did I need to continue live this way
you somehow found a way to land perfectly, compassionately, and gently 
outstretched wings pulsating rhythmically, carefully to my every beat
and I am now thankfully, safely above ground.
I am in fact
still alive