Celina Adrian

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"cafe verona"

they say that
time heals all wounds
but I swear
that once
I nearly bled to death
waiting for wounds to disappear -
I should have listened when
this old lady told me
to wear love like a raggedy band-aid
but my hard head
chose the inescapable fit of a gang bandana instead -
years passed
and I guess time did too
when I was just over my head
and deep in my heart
lived a sacrificial debt -
thick winter snow burying emotion
and when I woke up
it was spring -
heavy feet
rose from the bed of masked depression
turned full on display
taking a light stroll into the noisy streets of manhattan -
you saw me disshelved
hair a mess
two feet, one black sock
a torn house coat
and a mind full of basquiats graffiti -
on a park bench
you quietly appeared
without judgment 
and loud enough for me to hear
your words when you said that:
"true love doesn't know attachment 
yet true love never lets go"
somewhere near 23rd street,
at a table
set for two,
you offered freedom
on a spoon -
a lil honey and four lemons
tasted so sweet -
tea time in new york city
is a fond