Celina Adrian

30,201 poems read


pain walked up the road
she and her beautiful eyed smile
ended up on my front porch
holding a young autobiography
and napsack full of seduction and pleasure

I was wearing a pretty linen dress
and combat boots, laced tight 

pain never even noticed my attire
she went straight for my lips
where kisses, words
and tears
were quickly

when I drew her a bath
I watched her body
submerge into a
peace beyond  passion
that she did not seem to know

I was happy to give her that
she felt like home to me

when day break came
it brought along with its harsh awakening
a harsher silence -
I never talked about it
just before the sun rose to its fullest
pain got up and walked away 
just like that
she walked away,

she left behind an alluring scent

grasping, I closed my parted lips
walked into the house
took off my tightly laced shoes and pretty dress
and came back out on the porch
as I waited day after day
night after urequited vulnerable night
for pain
to walk up the road