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Prayer   (Lamentation)

What vast destruction upon the earth
                that cries
Who changed the face
       of the joyful skies?
Who can turn these ashes into gold
Or pour down blessings
                on desperate souls?
O my Lord,
      don't shake us again,
have mercy in judgment,
               when we sin
A Rumble
    A Tumble...
Your voice of Thunder
Piercing souls as we ponder
Don't destroy the earth in thy wrath
Forgive us for our craft
I know thy patience is at its end
Give us more grace...if you can
You darken the skies and dry the seas
     and purge the land as you please
And knows all life and stops the world
and make worthless the priceless pearl
Forsake us not
    in these desperate hours
Please show your mercy
    when you show your power
Don't darken our vision
and devastate our dreams,
fill our eyes with such vivid scenes
That break our hearts as we lick the earth
       and beg for help before its birth
And thirst for water that can't be found
and plunge all hope in the ground
and make faith in man fall apart
and plunge all life in the dark
    What a blow!...
To what extent we don't know
O my Lord...we are devastated
While Satan the Proud
             is so elated
Lighten now, this heavy load
less this pressure burst our souls
O Lord...
Forgive our deceit,
Whose roots are deep,
Whose destructive path
  shackles our feet
Be still O ground
The graves have opened
   to pull us down
by the hands of time,
near the shallow of death
and have us fixated
        on miserable self
Tread light...O Lord,
         upon our heads
less your fury explodes...
         into what we dread
copyrights 2005
Robert Anthony James

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Prayer (Lamentation)