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"BS8" is a postcode of the city of Bristol down by the waterfront.
Their has been a city on this spot for over two thousand years.
Many ships have sailed to the new world via Bristol.

Sitting upon the Baltic Wharf...
Time standing still...
Upon the waters edge.
Wind blowing...
In from the west.
Crisp Autumn sun...
Beating down its rays.
Silvery shadows...
Upon your rippled waves.
How many ships...
Have passed this way.
To far off lands...
So near and far.
How many wives...
Have waved goodbye.
To men...
Departing upon Autumn tides.
How many Feeder tides...
Have sweeped so high.
Keeping Bristol's harbours...
So high and dry.
How many secrets...
Lay beneath your waters edge.
From Hotwells mud...
To Radcliffe way.

Copyright Hud 2006-2012 Writer/Poet/Philosopher.

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