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There is an evil in
this world unlike any
force that has preceded
it, "The Dajjal"! This
evil force's words and
deeds are often
contradictory, diabolical
and grossly hypocritical.
Its public actions in
most instances are
diametrically opposed to
Its espoused social,
economic, racial, and
Political philosophy.
This maniacal entity
views the World as a
gigantic global pie
that It cannot wait to
Slice up and gobble
down. This entity has
a ravenous Gluttony
that can only be
momentarily satisfied
by the Consumption of
the earth's natural
resources. The Dajjal,
This evil force, this
carnivorous savage beast,
usually Disguises itself
in sheep's clothing. With
the blood of the weak and
helpless dripping from
its bloody jowls, it gulps
down the precious stones,
oil, minerals, coal,
And gold from the earth
in the same fashion that
a fish gulps in water to
extract its oxygen.
This deceitful Entity
known as The Dajjal Has
assumed the alias,
"Uncle Sam."

Abu Lateef


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