Celina Adrian

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a feminist theory

"a feminist theory"

year after year
the cause
proved a hateful fight

last time
on the battlefield of equal rights
fighting oppression was a worthy
but tricky catalyst

at best

last time
emotions like perception
ran high like victory swords
defeating inequality
as the blades reach just above well-intentioned minds
but not towards vast sky

they limit the fight

last time
it was different between that boy and me
those men and we
not reminiscent of years before
of the bloodshed that watched guts and pride
intertwine effortlessly in ongoing wars
priding myself on the last time I kicked his ass, good
the last time, we all went to war

for that moment

last time
when he forgot what we were fighting about
I chose to cut into my pain and rid my body
of his thick lasting impression
rather than waste the knife on slicing
his same 'ole tired antics
and silly speech to shreds

last time
my body attempted to battle his indocrinated engrained conditions
that have us standing in dual in the first place
face to face
year after

this year
this time
I chose to focus on
the healthy breasts of internal empowernment
and finally
nourishment grew
from the rich milk
of a womans
liquid gold