Celina Adrian

30,222 poems read


my mother's hug
is not a firm clinching hold
though even its lightness grips my heart, strongly
she knows me, still

if I can go back to that place in time
where everything was fair
remembering, safety of womb
I wish that I could
both remember and return

then maybe when my mother says to be strong strong
in a weak weak world
encompassed by safety
I would inherently understand what that means

this lifetime so cold and winterous
blankets of desire, sex and warmth,
disguised in the essence of unity and love

there is way too much hate
the land will soon collapse from an excess of it

greed as soil is uprooted
burn me
and don't waste an ounce of grass or kill one bug
and hopefully dead bodies already buried will peacefully remain,

when this day comes
I will stand with my back against the nearest tree
and chant for peace peace peace peace peace
and I will call out to my mother's grace
she has my back

my walk from the front looks a little boy-ish
even when I stand unlabeled
in undefined harmony

night is when femininity appears
I stroke my lover softly and with tenderness
but then again, who would truly see this

perceptions of me
and those like me
as hate paints the earths canvas
over much of everyone, pretty much

the unspoilt creation of understanding
the preciousness of life
and ultimately the untimeliness of death

she understands

I hug my mother back, tightly