Celina Adrian

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"california dreamin'"

2 days late
and 1 dollar short
when we moved to LA on several dreams
and a few high hopes

new york interstates
I-40 and old route 69 was a hot
long drive in that uhaul across texas
then again, not
cause just near arizona
we were within an inch of tomorrow

though I was never far
from the reality of your wishful stare
i heard you today
when you told me not to be afraid to go there

did we land

friends pass the time
and I enjoy the space
between a mountaineous hell
and what they say
will be pure heaven if we make it there

I wonder

aint no where to go from here
except to just be
in the moment of the now
at least this is what I say
to convince myself
of this love moving across country

I want to believe in right now
not later
like it was before
back home

wherever that is