A Synthetic Soul

She Made Herself from Metal

This wretched world keeps on leaving her alone.
Ripped away from what she deserves the most.
She only wants to have him near enough to hold.
The armor she wears, it makes her strong.
She made herself from metal.

She was cast and bent with its metallic mixture.
Gradually to disappear and emerging less tender.
She smiles at her shaped solid body tissue.
Retaining her sharp resistance in the wake.
She made herself from metal.

Gripping her skeletal framework, to strengthen its brittle bones
Her surface skin resembles formed shining sheets and drawn wires.
Still opaque, clashing fused alloy with something still alive.
Her hands reveal their rigid grace, too numb to feel their cold embrace.
She made herself from metal..

She could tell how her friends were jealous.
She was gleaming in this cold world's wretched image.
Now accepting her same sharp protruding edges.
This structure is what has made her strong.
She made herself from metal.

She seeks out the one who shares the depth of her dreams.
He still shivers from the cold and remembers the color he bleeds.
He caresses the features forged to protect her from pain.
Her mesmeric feat leaves her not feeling his hand upon her face.
She made herself from metal

Not letting go, he holds her close just as she's always deserved.
Only now she cannot feel the arms he's wrapped around her.
Embodying her with a frozen feel within the twisted shell she'd been poured
Cast with reflections and shadows the armor she wears, it makes her strong.
She made herself from metal.

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