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A poem from the novel
"The Essence of Poetry II:Gerald's Sophomore Yet Grown Poetrybook"
Written by: Gerald L. Ingraham


You fixed this once broken heart,
Gave me the strength to be a man;
I had to be dreaming my wish apart,
Because you granted it unlike I can.

You are so sweet to me...

I thought that we would never be,
But love beg to differ this;
You possess the will to assure me
More than serendipity with a kiss.

I love you as you do me...

You bear sweetness with your love,
And the appeal to a weakness of touch;
Anäya, you are the one I dream of,
Please do say you love me this much.

It was a world of tears torn in two,
That I found myself finally residing,
You came with something to live up to,
And because hope to stop all the hiding.

You are too good to me...

This one passionate soul has thorns,
If you touch me, each can come of stem;
I love you beyond envy  of who scorns,
Because I live not in the comfort of them.

I wish that you could see...

You are are mighty flawless in your stare,
And it drives me to find rawness in you;
Anäya, you are the one for whom I care,
Please do tell me you feel this too.

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