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"Cerne Abbas" is a village in Dorset on the A352 to Dorchester.
"The Giant" or "Rude Man" as he is known...
Is a carving in the chalkie hillside above the village.
The carving is possibly pre-historic about 106 feet in lenght and totally nude.
He has on redeeming feature that every one from around the world comes to see.
How can I put this!!!! without seeming crude.
He has a twenty six foot erect male appendage.

Dwell upon the well...Wishes from the fishes.
Lovers with kisses...Mothers with hisses.
Twenty six foot of erect male Cerne Abbas manhood.
Flowing through his Viagra veins.
Men and women sighing at the tantalizing possibilities.
Wishes upon the wind of Wessex sweat.
Dwell upon the wishing well...
You fisher's of erelong chalkie erections.

Copyright Hud 1999-2012,  Writer/Poet/Philosopher.

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