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 Take My Hand

If you're feeling down and blue,
I am here to give advice to you,
Just reach straight out and take my hand,
And you can tell me what is on your mind.

I wear a badge that says 'mentor',
I am there if you ever need to talk,
Take my hand and hold it tight,
I am going to guide you to the light.

When the world seems to much,
And there is no soft and warming hand to touch,
When you feel that life is too much to bear,
Just call out to me and I'll be there.

I am your mentor I am your friend,
I'm not a counsellor I won't pretend,
But I have knowledge that may help you,
'Coz at sometime, I was probably there too.

If you feel you cannot go on,
Ask for vicki or 'hop-along,'
I will listen to what you have to say,
For as long as you need me,day after day.

I know I have a white shirt,
And I know you think we are all jerks,
But those who wear that yellow badge,
Are there to guide you through your bad patch.

So take my hand when you're feeling down,
I will talk to you with no one else around,
Tell me what is bothering you,
And I'll see what there is that I can do.

Vicki Wroe, 17 (c)

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