Whispers to me

So she feeds her dog,
as her time bombs slipped
hevens gate in wait,
a Pro noun spit
Been dethroned by kings talking of men,
but always reincarnated,
and cannot remember when
 Her name now hangs on my wall,
looking through me as her eyes talk,
I thought about a time I was free in here,
but now it seems I cant have it back
Visions worth seeing,
and tales worth a listen
swimming in peasants, that
dont know my name
Its Damien,
ring holds my stone,
been stuck here forever
to young to get old
My name haunts your dreams,
when your drunk, to stay afloat
It aint as it seemed,
in that past kind of life,
bodies been vaded, eyes that our haunt
living is scarry
I drink from my blood

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