The Black & White Poet

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I know your not attracted
To the black florescent scenery
In my soul
They named me after the day
Yet in me I am night
I am neither good
Nor evil
I am human
I am struggling
I am crying
I am crying, oh it hurts
When the rain falls
It stings like a
It slits me like a
This is my color!
Oh, God
Oh, God
I need you
You are the way
You're the only thing
I screw up over and over
And I've told them..
I was stumped
I want to run away
From everything I love
And everything I hate
And renew myself
This darkness has polluted me
Like  a bloody
Oh, God
Oh, God
And everybody is dying!!
Oh, Christ
I can't think about it.

I love you Lord
~DaYnA e. 11/12/05

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