Climb the highest mountain, punch the face of god

Excruciate The Soul

My heart.
Kill the love,
Free the hate.

Let it swarm
Like a bevy
Of black butterflies,
With lace wings.
See how they
Dance so placidly.

See them dance;
See my tranquil
Mouth quiver
As I desecrate
My own emotions
To please you,
While walking off,
Scarred and laughing.

Like a zombie
Braced for eternal life,
Dare I stare at
The sky that lacks
Stars but has
Thick, smoky clouds
That enter my mind

And produce a
Deleterious vibration.

Throw it up harsh,
It's like
The nocent
Achilles heel that
I cleverly show you
In hopes of
You ending me
With a swift
Transfixion to my
Soul, so I can
Finally go home

With all the
Hurt I have learned.

Collect my soul,
Ziploc it, keep
It fresh for
The next lifetime
When I will be
Released, again,
To learn a
Whole new set of rules.

One's that are
Harder to break,
But so worth
The shatter.

October 29, 2005

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Excruciate The Soul

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