The Vampire Run

I wrote this while in hospital giving away lots of that wonderful life giving stuff.

This isn't in films, you've guessed, it's real life,
It's worse than the surgeon with his sharpened knife.
They sneak up on us in the middle of the day
And take our life's blood, by the pailful, away!

It's the Vampires' who've come, "We're not satisfied,
We require more blood and we wont be denied.
So stretch forth your arm, it's to help you get well,
Stop quivering like a jelly and please don't yell."

I was asleep and beginning to snore,
But they woke me up to add to their score.
It's fifty not out and they've just begun,
Confined to my bed, I wish I could run!
Thanks for draining me.............AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

Copyright 2004 Robert Cartwright-Davidson

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The Vampire Run

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