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 -----SELF ANALYSIS-----

    I'm smart.
   Maybe too smart.
  I Analyze others.
  I Analyze myself.
 Maybe I over Analyze.

   It's a realization.
 I've recently stumbled;
    Onto or into.
      THAT IS,
    I've come to.
   Of a conclusion.
       I think...
       I just think;
       Way too much.

          I look at paintings.
        At first with just wonder.
    Then I begin to analyze the colors.
    The artist uses so many pretty colors.
    There are 2 or 3 she uses over and over.
            Again and Again.
        Then there's this 1 she uses only once.
       She uses only once; I wonder why only once.
   Then again I analyze. Again I wonder why, only once?
             I move on to the signature.
                    Analyzing again.
             Why is it different on the print;
           Then it is when she signs it with pen?

               I move on from the paintings;
              I move on from myself analization.
           I analyze everyday life; life in motion.
          Even though it takes away some of the wonder.
          I am an intellect; I must analyze everything.
               Maybe I'm O.C.D. Maybe I'm A.D.D.
             In reality I think I'm just a THINKER.

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