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 ~~~~~Mardi  Gras~~~~~
Listen to me honey.
 Just let me speak.

 When you first met me.
 We were both sad and lonely.

 Remember that night.
 when all those tears;
 They just ran off my face.

 So we took a walk.
 Talked for a while.
 You made the tears go away.
 You got me to laugh.
 You made me smile.

 I guess you knew;
 Why she left you.

 I'll never know;
 Why he left me.

 He just said.
 He woke-up;
 One morning.
 He felt different.

 I think,
 They just both;
 Wanted to be free.

 Some days we talked.
 Other days we didn't.

 Days turned into weeks.
 As we slowly became friends.

 Then when valentines day came to be.
 You looked so sad, so lonely to me.
 So I went home.
 Got a little white teddy bear.
 I told something that I believe.
 No one should be ALONE on valentines day.

 I made you smile.
 I got you to laugh.
 We talked for a while.
 The weeks rolled by.
 The months went past.

 When April came to be.
 Four birthdays for us.
 Both our mothers born on the 5th.
 They both got music boxes.

 On the 15th April turned 13.
 Her Party at my place.
 She got her nails done.
 Home made pizza,
 Home made cheesecake.
 Candle lit dinner,
 with her boyfriend Luke.

 On the 19th Jamie turned 3.
 He had cake and ice cream.
 You got him a basket ball.
 He got the hoop from me.
 He really was in heaven that day.

 It was the twentieth.
 We started going out together.
 It seemed to you.
 That we were meant to be.

 Now it's almost four years latter.
 It seems to me were always alone.
 And were both lonely again.

 So listen to me honey.
 Just let me speak.
 When did things change for us?
 When did we stop being friends?
 When did we become less than even lovers?
 Please tell me this wont last forever.
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