Love Lost

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Sea Sand

I am your rock. You are my wave.
Sono la roccia.  Sei l'onde.
I am fixed.  You are free.
Yang to yin, come to me.

Ebb and flow, millenia.
Time untold, I wait.
Ebb you tease, flow embrace,
Crashing sea drops frame your face.

Once we lived as man and mate,
Laughed, knew love, would satiate.
Slave to you, I knew your heart,
From worldly life you would depart.

Deep in grief, sad, distraught,
Your treasured smile and gaze I sought.
Wandered I throughout the land,
Forest, mountain, stream and sand.

One morning near the sea lay I,
When quietly I heard your sigh
Come to me from rhythmic wave,
Touch me with the sound I crave.

Transfixed by undulating flow,
I watched the waves and came to know
You reached for me with every tide,
You touched the chords I could not hide.

Dancing waves from sea of blue,
Wrapped me in embrace so true.
Your timeless motion, like the clock,
Changed my being into rock.

And so I sit at ocean's edge,
Half submerged below a ledge
Of granite boulders madly strewn,
And listen to the ancient tune.

Time unites, then separates,
Twisting our connected fates
Together for eternity….
Come, Ondine, please come to me.

One by one, by nature's rule,
Molecule by molecule,
You break me down, take my hand,
Slowly turn me into sand.

In time too far to postulate,
I enter you, we celebrate,
For once again we are of one
Madly tumbling, having won.

I come to you, you come to me,
Together at the edge of sea.
Part from water, part from land,
We live entwined, we are sea sand.

So through the ages goes our dance,
Soul mates who take every chance
To live as one connected being,
Karma bonded, special meaning.

A mountain once, you wore me down,
A prince, my princess with her crown.
I am your rock, you are my wave
Sono la roccia, sei l'onde.

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Sea Sand