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Can Anybody Hear Me

Does anybody hear me does anybody know
How it feels to it going when you have no go
To feel with no feeling or desire to do so
Does anybody hear me, does anybody know
Has anybody been there, or ever made it back
Were you different when you were there how ever did you act
Can anybody feel me am I alone in this
Can anybody hear me is there something I missed
How ever did I get here I was so full of life
My drive was my children my comfort was my wife
My goals were straight before me my failure far behind
My days were somewhat toilsome yet they were good times
Can anybody hear me why don't you understand
Although I cry sometimes I'm very much a man
I may not be the best and have quite a ways to go
Almost a million mile from perfect but this I already know
This time somehow is different and I can't shake this one
The sky is forever cloudy for I can nolonger see the sun
Though everyone around me is basking in it's glow
To me it's unfamiliar it's something I don't know
Can anybody hear me I need some help with this
It's like the life I'm use to with an unsupecting twist
How can I go on living in this world without a smile
One can survive without laughter, but only for a while
There is a God in heaven but to him I dare not go
For fear that he will tell me things that I don't want to know
But then again maybe this is a part of his plan
He has done so many other things I still don't understand
Can anybody here me is anybody there
Does anybody feel me does anybody care
Can anybody help me would they even dare
I feel so alone on this one alone and so confused
Is there anybody anywhere that can tell me what to do

J. Moore

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