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He's been here before
He will give me more
He doesn't need a cure for his sex drive
He just keeps it so alive

Soon I'll know his every pleasure
Because he is a man I treasure
I have been close to him for 15 years
And have not cried as many tears

As you've left me alone to cry
You're even suppose to be my guy
I'm better with him even as second best
He's very strong while your weakness has rest

So much more of a man that you
Kinder, smarter, richer too
He's 52, you're 54
He's been through my love so much more

Than you will ever comprehend
He's my EarthKing, Angelman friend
Who goes away, but let's me know
Again we'll play because this special girl he does love so.

10/18/2005 0720 cj

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