Beautiful Disaster


She is crying again tonight
Over tedious things
That don't really matter
But to her its everything
And then she hears it
The words of God

Take my hand
I will never let go
I will always be here
Just give me your heart
I will take it all from here
Just give me it all

He is trying to bury his emotions
With drugs and alcohol
It was working pretty well
Until he ended up
In the ER


They looked up
After hearing him call
That night the girl gives herself away
The boy chooses to turn away


Many years later
The boy and the girl meet
The girl is in the library
Studying for school
The boy holds a gun to her head
Do you believe in God
With one, three-lettered word
A bullet was fired
A life given to God that day


After seeing her die
Because she believed in God
He gave his life away
Right before he ended it.

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