Beautiful Disaster


Take a look around
What a sight to see
So many groups
Of different specices
You have the hot girls
with there hot guys
There are the stoners
Who think they can fly.
You have the depressed emo's
And the metal heads listening to screamo
There's the athletic group
Always tossing a ball or shooting a hoop
Punks with there wacked out hair
Gothic's that just don't seem all there
Skaters with their big ole shoes
A group that's just singing the blues
You have the spunky type
That you wish you could snipe
The modern day hippies, save the trees
There are actually quite a few of these
There's the dramatic crew
But only a few
You have people that refuse to eat
And then there are those who can't see their feet
And the colors like an aura in the night
Blue, Black, Red, Yellow, and White
Now take another look my friend
Look around again
Like animals in the wood
Combined like they should

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