Beautiful Disaster


Dear Diary
I write to you today
To tell you of the things I did
And what I have to say.
You hold my thoughts and feelings
Secrets from within
Pride in things to be proud of
Fears of committed sin.
I tell you the guys I like
And life in this family of mine
How school is going so far
And how I WISH everything was fine.
I confide in you my dreams
And goals I wish to achieve
Things I wish to give
Tings I wish to receive.
I tell of the things that went wrong
And how lost and confused I am
How I need help and am scared
Vulnerable like a lamb.
I can laugh or cry
Whisper or yell
Tell my stories
And continue to tell.
And you hold them all
And keep them safe
Until I open you again
To write a new entry.

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