Beautiful Disaster

These Things Called Thoughts

Thoughts fly through my mind
A never-ending wheel
Thoughts of what to think
And how to feel.
Of the pain in my heart
And the questions in my head
How to escape it all
Wishing I was dead.
But that's not an option
At least not for me
I'll have to find another way
To be free.
I could run away
And escape this place
But would that stop the thoughts
Or just slow down the race.
I could swallow the pills
But what will that do
Give me a stomach ache
.Maybe get sick too.
Non of this will stip them
They will always be here
No matter where I go
They will be near
I could learn to live with them
And figure out how to deal with them
And stop them before they turn sour
Because I have that power.

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