Beautiful Disaster


She runs
And falls
Over and over
And tries
Not to cry
As the tears roll down her cheek
This is last straw
I'll show them all
How much I  hurt
Because they treated me like dirt
I will make them see
What they've done to me
Im gonna walk with my head held high
I'm gonna smile as I pass them by
Im gonna a be a better person
And make them see
What they've done to me
Is motivate me to change
And rearrange
She knows that's she faking
When she says she okay
And they know that smile is a lie
But she holds it all in anyways
At night when she's lays down
She cries
That she's tried
But these feeling won't go away
And its half battle to act like your okay
But you really need to be okay
She doesn't know what to do
She got no where to turn
And the she see' an opportunity
To be free
And she ceases it
And breaks her family's heart
All because she needed a break
Now she's gots three breaks.....
and no way to repair them
How selfish could she be
To not be able to see
That what she does
effects them all
And she knows
Because she's been through this before
How could she not get it

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