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old george

he wandered through the city
he looked old and he looked tough
and he smelled pretty awful
from drink and from living rough
and every single christmas
for year after year after year
he got himself in prison
for his bit of seasonal cheer
he walked away with dignity
from the insults and the scorn
poured on him daily in the streets
from those people not yet born
when he won his military medal
for bravery under enemy fire
company sergeant major then
non com rank doesn't get higher
his bearing was always military
even when he was rolling drunk
and he kept a form of dignity
even though he always stunk
there were very many rumours
of what caused his change of life
ranging from shell shock
to an unfaithful wife
i never really bothered
didn't ever try
didn't seem relevant
that i should know why
he was just another victim
wandering the cold hostile streets
fit for cannon fodder when needed
extinct in times of peace
and a just and grateful nation
felt they treated him just fine
by paying him a pittance
just above the poverty line
and of course
gave him his christmas cheer
in his prison cell
year after year after year

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old george