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The Book of "OM"

(As a poet, I love language.  I love studying the history and mystery of language.

Anthropologists generally agree that language, as we know it,
emerged among our ancestors from about 100,000 to 40,000 years ago. One of these languages was Sanskrit--the mother tongue of English and all our Indo-European languages.  The Sanskrit words "pitar," "matar" and "trayas" can be seen in English as "father," "mother" and "three." These same words are found in French, German, Greek and Latin.

The sacred word in Sanscrit is the untranslatable "OM." The sacred sound survives today in the mantras of Buddhism and Hinduism.  But I have been struck by how this holy sound which represents the unity of creation and our place in it, is buried in the English of our daily lives in our word for "home.")

The Book of “OM”

“OM” sweet “OM”
“OM” on the range
There is no place like ”OM”
I'll be “OM” for Christmas
"OM"land security
“OM” loan
Down “OM”
“OM” maker
“OM” wrecker
Look “OM”ward Angel
Close to “OM”
“OM” on time
Letters “OM”
“OM” run
“OM” plate
“OM” work
“OM” room
“OM” décor
“OM” furnishings
“OM” Depot
“OM” owner
“OM” boy
“OM” ies
“OM” town
“OM” baked
“OM” made
“OM” body
“OM” bound
“OM” savings
“OM” mortgage
“OM” away from “OM”
“OM” library
Lady's “OM” Companion
“OM”ward bound
“OM” is where the heart is