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to each his own

the blacksmith took his measurements
as he shivered in his winter drawers
then to be on the safe side
took every one once more
they arranged the first fitting
at the next full moon
just a week away
for him too soon
his mum and dad were present
it was through their thrift
that he was to receive this
his special birthday gift
they usually bought second hand
but he was the apple of their eye
the security if their old age
in the coming by and by
it stood there shimmering
a truly awesome sight
the first suit of armour
for this reluctant knight
he said he'd much rather have been
a clerk or a groom or even a peasant
he found the thought of fighting
to be rather scary and unpleasant
so he sold his suit of armour
when nobody was looking
and used the money gained
for lessons in field cooking
they all now they live in splendour
for at every single tournament
they are turning clients away
from his gourmet cooking tent
and he received the royal warrant
by appointment to king and court
and was dubbed honorary knight
although he'd never ever fought
there's a moral to his story
or there maybe is some where
but as he'd  made his  money
he didn't really care
neither of course did mum and dad
for this outcome waqs not all bad
for though their hopes near came to naught
they now regularly ate at the royal court

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