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At three in the morning
There's mourning in my soul
Watching a sad dramatic movie
Thinking of you
At the same time

I have to watch THE WOOL CAP
With Tom Cruise can start.

Singing is heard over the speakers
With Mother Mary watching over Baby Jesus
As angels sing

The man with the wool cap is crying
It's snowing and every thing's going to be okay.
I started crying 1 minute ago
Washed my face with all the tears.
I guess I am a crier
A bawl baby.

My tender feelings
Well up in my gut to my chest
To my throat, to my mouth then
All the way down again the tears go

It's time for WAR OF THE WORLDS and
Tom Cruise reminds me of
Molly's dad, my Tommy.

Who understood those tender emotions
Although his were held in.
As a Vietnam veteran who saw his
Best friend blown up in front of him
Would do.

As the oldest kid of 3 brothers would
Have to be the strongest, toughest,
Most unemotional one of the bunch.

Back to thinking of you---
The oldest of three brothers too.

Thomas Wayne Anderson   Robert Michael Sadler
        1946                     1951
Ten years older         Five years older
Than this oldest girl of five kids
Girl, boy, girl, boy, girl

1956 to 1964---A dozen years of babies for my momma
Who looks down on me from heaven
Talks to me in dreams
So simple minded compared to

Her water sign daughter who could
Recite every MOTHER GOOSE RHYME at two
I miss her for reading to her and
Reading for me.

The kind of sweet lost pain
I feel missing her,
I feel missing my lovers
Wherein there's only Michael
Now in my life

And he says his love for me is strained
Like the GERBER baby food my happy mommy
Use to feed my brother, Ricky.

If love's strained, it's because
The baby in me got out again.

It's late and I love to think of all the people
Found inside me
As my dogs take up my bed
And my cat lies by the heater---
Time for the movie.

Those days of black and white TV are
Almost over
Even my dollar computer's colored
With the intelligence
Of those light blue eyes.

There's brain and heart
My heart rules this poet's thought
Where the peace of the night leaves
Me thankful I work nights and have
The silence he misses.

He's safe in the dark with me
As I know sleeping is important to him.
In the light of day, he's with her
And it's back to my heart with all
The feelings of despair.

We have our own WAR OF THE WORLDS with
Her between us and he seems to not see
How it leaves me to bleed tears and
Spat out fire.

I wonder late at night if he will
Ever leave here and not come back;
Although, I asked him to not come by
Until he's free of her

Or ready to come to live with me
Even not at this house
Just somewhere together
So late at night I can quietly
Watch a movie

So softly I can walk towards
His breathing and feel loved
In the late at night sounds
Of him while my thoughts

Quietly love him forever
Securely, peacefully,
A war ended...

11/28/2005 0345 cj

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