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 Red Stiletto High Heels

You walk along

The Parisian walkways


Picking up dreams

That aren't there

Discarding lover's in your head

 Without a care...

Silk stockings, stiletto heels

 A beating heart ready

Now just withered...and


  Along the river's edge

Tempting, swirling and inviting

She feels a warmth, a loving even!

In the distance she can hear the laughter

The smoke from her cigarette drifts...
Onwards towards the city lights and laughter

      In the neon metropolis
    She has no love, only sadness
            Only loneliness

Looking into the deep dark Seine
She see's welcoming lovers beckoning
  There in the deep is a future
     A new beginning...

   I have nothing in this world
 She takes one last puff on her cigarette...

              In the morning
              All they found was her

              Red Stiletto High Heels!


written 5th September 2005


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