The Garage Door. (Scottish dialect)

I guess some of you have been rushed off your feet trying to get kids to school. This was a small incident which occurred doing just that.

Ah wis gaun tae run ma laddie, tae catch the train tae schil,
If he didna' catch it quickly, he'd be late.
He went tae shut the garage door, ah guess ye'd call it fate,
The thing jumped oot the runners an' wis still.

We tried tae push it up and we tried tae pu' it doon,
The door jist widna' budge a single inch.
We grunted and we groaned and we goat oor fingers pinched,
Acting like a pair o' silly loons.

Faither's brain took chairge, as tae the hoose he ran,
Tae grab three fit o' wid, called two by yin.
He placed it oan the wa', between the door an' plin'
And telt oor Andy, "Shove as hard as ye can."

Much tae oor relief, the door shoat in the groove;
You should hae seen us yell wi' great delight!
It wis magic, it wis great, a brilliant super sicht,
Tae see that stubborn door begin tae move!

Copyright December 2005 Robert Cartwright-Davidson

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The Garage Door. (Scottish dialect)

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