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Snowflakes of Magic

Silent magic falls in our darkness kept
where dreams long discarded find peace at last
Erased are the scars we long ago wept
by a blanket of white over earth cast
Sparkle and glimmer as they flutter down
All silver and white before us we see
as inch by inches they cover the ground
in a magic moment for you and me
Unique as they fall, each a masterpiece;
like you and me on the day that we met
A magic to share that will never cease
this sonnet writes of the future we set
Snowflakes of magic during Christmas tide
Snowflakes of wonder our dreams won't subside

This was written as a tribute to my fiance and I meeting 5 years ago between Christmas and New Year in a snow storm.  Last Year we became engaged and on Christmas day was presented with the engagement ring. This year on December 30 we will be married in the midst of the magic of the season.

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Snowflakes of Magic

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