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What you gonna do
When my love leaves you
Run into the cold dark night
Pretend that it's alright

When I loved you more than any man
Over me your big form would stand
I felt safe and secure
Now just back to being her

The poet who can love anyone
Do you like what you've done
Took my loyalty and threw it out
When I am gone do not pout

Because you heard the result
Of not giving me the salt
Of your Earth where I was born again
Why can't we just grow in love until the end

Clarifications and self satisfaction
Are not as kind as love with action
Movement waves rolling sea
Gave me the hope you'd want to someday marry me

Now I cannot care about you as much
It will be different no divine touch
As when we met I felt the two turning into one
You say no to that kind of love and run

Sticking it out
It's what love's about
Not just the good times when we're well
But all times even scary as the devil's hell

I think of myself now a date
We have nothing in the meeting of this fate
That turned me on to you so long ago
I hid away so you wouldn't know

You could never guess even once
How I desired you and played as a dunce
My work game and didn't smile
Just turn and run from you a long mile

Now you run from me
Isn't life full of so much irony
You get what you want then it wants to leave
It's no wonder women cry and grieve

I wish I could be cold at heart
Not care about my woman part
That's suppose to please a man in this life
In exchange for being a devoted wife

I can't devote myself to you
If I get to close cry is all I'll do
So what am I going to do today
I'll run to you and give away

The love I have on my skin
That only wants to be for you friend
It wants your arms full of protection
It wants the charms of your correction

As you are kinder with words than I will ever be
I make your mind full of my misery
Because I ask for what you can't give
A bed that's ours, a house where we both live

I guess I should be glad I have some dogs
And when I go to bed they're more like hogs
They sleep with me and root down in the covers
Their mates while I'm alone no human lover

To hear your breathing as I drift to dreams
What you gonna do when my heart screams
That I want you for more than a day
I know you will just go on your way

So please ccme back when you feel I'm better
I'll remember to send the third or fourth letter
If they're unkind and I'm upset
I'm gonna do you as long as you let

Me in your soul and on your hands
You have what my womanness demands
A deep voice a stubborn attitude
Silent anger when I'm rude

You are the man greater than me
If I am kind maybe you'll gain the way to see
That you do not want me running to another
I should just be your only true lover

Instead of fighting for what I want to do
Talking over and over about me and you
Live us and perhaps the trust and love will flow
Then when it's time for another lover you'll tell me not to go

You should know that's what I really want to hear
That you are jealous strict and make it very clear
That I'm all yours and you control what I must be
That I am bound to you for a long slow eternity

Why do I long to be controlled
Is it because you are so tall and have me sold
On a life with you no matter  how upsetting
If I am kind will I be getting

The devotion you can give
When you're not stressed and you don't live
With me full of questions I try to explain
I know all my analyzing must drive you insane

I wish I didn't think so much
That's why I love your quiet strong soft touch
I melt in it and feel such peace
What I am gonna do is let the talking cease.

Right now
Maybe tomorrow
I'll let you talk
About your joy and sorrow

Give you a chance to feel the soft wind
That I can give listening to you until the end
Gonna do what's gentle for my man
Then with time he may want stand

Beside me looking out to all others
Beside me under a bed of fluffy covers
Beside me because through thick and thin
Beside me as in our hearts we are kin.

12/4/2005 2054 cj

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