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Thanks for Giving

Suddenly it is thanksgiving again,
And I am back to remembering
How much I hate people and holidays,
And the dissension in between.

It is the second time this week
That I've celebrated thanksgiving.
On Monday, I wore a black
Gothic-looking outfit that my brother
Hated, my sister thought I looked
Like a hooch, and my mom barely
Noticed, probably because it was black.

I've always been drawn to blacks
And blues; it is the color of
A fresh bruise, or the color of a
Fading one, a healing one.

But on this thanksgiving, the second one,
I awoke early and stared at my
Ceiling for an hour, watching my
Glow-in-the-dark stars fade away.
Long ago, I had tried to arrange
Them like constellations, but most
Have fallen away, and whatever
Remains is disturbing to I.

I'm not feeling very thankful right now.

November 24, 2005

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Thanks for Giving

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