A Synthetic Soul

Hand in Hand and Speechless

Like the stolen breath that leaves you speechless.
Can this be real? Can your broken hands hold more than emptyness?
Your thoughts must have lept into reality.
It has left you with her soft hands holding back onto you.

Strange that this is the first time you've felt a thing.
This touch has taken a lifetime to find its feeling.
You've just thought you were alive all this time.
Finding she's just given you life being by your side.

Yes you feel alive..., Yes this is what its like.
Possessing life... now you awake just to see into her eyes.
You thought you'd never utter those select words again.
You thought that if you did they could contain only emptyness.

But I feel I've never lived until this moment came.
What once you thought was real, has proved why it faded away.
Because you were meant to feel the touch from anothers hand.
That will not leave you standing still, when the tough times are at hand.

Because they seek to fill this life of yours with passion and respect.
They want what's best for you this time, rather than what's for themself.
And you want to better her life too in any way you can.
Which is why you look into her eyes, just to see what you have missed.

You've reached the point where you've been freed of all your past regrets.
No longer having to hold your secrets, finally free to be yourself.
Is this what it's like to dream? Hard to tell since you've been sleepless..
Thankful this is where your path has led you, hand in hand and speechless.

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