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       "Sweet  Dreams"   "97"
I feel this sadness; Fading away.
 I can see; A dozen red roses.
 Laying at the foot of my bed.
 My head...laying on a pillow.
 A blanket...to cover over body&face.

 I have this powerful feeling.
 Burning deep down inside my stomach.
 I have no knowledge of quite what it is.
 I could not speak of it even if I did.
 Yes I said not even if you wanted me to.

 I don't know. I don't care...
 What it is... not anymore.
 I know I wont forget you EVER.
 I know I'll never fear regret.
 I know somehow...
 That you'll Carry my memories with you.

 Someday you'll understand me.
 I never did know...
 What to say to you anyway.
 As these thoughts creep in...
 Inside of me. Into my head.
 ... into my mind.
 Beginning to cripple my soul

 I'll try to paint with words;
 A vision only a true romantic can see.
 Picture this if you wish...
 I could never force the innocent;
 To endure these images I paint.
 Though I will never forget.

 Your shadow slips into my bed.
 I feel as your fingers trace my body, my face.
 Your teeth upon my neck.
 Your arms locked tightly around my waist.
 You slightly turn your head;
 Intending to grace me...
 With a gentle kiss.

 I lay down to bed.
 I cry till I'm drained.
 I'm drained of both...
 Tears and soul.
 I drift into sleep.
 Again your shadow comes.
 Trying only to calm my soul.
 Trying again to slow my breath.
          Yet enhancing only,
               The sweetest dreams.


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