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egg damage (why there was hen s@#t on my bed)

I woke up this morning
with this poem stuck in my head
I had some kinda crazy dream
that woke me from my bed
and you were there
and I was too
climbing down a drain
but things just got more twisted
I could see inside my brain

what this meant I did not know
but I was careful where I stepped
I asked them for directions
but they turned away and leaped
away from me and out the door
but I did not follow them
I was on some crazy gameshow
hosted by a hen

he said "welcome my friends
would you kindly take your seats"
I said I hadn't brought one
and this dream has got me beat
he said "you're deep in your subconcious
just look within yourself"
I said "how'm I'm supposed to do that
when I've turned into this elf?"

the hen looked at me and disappeared
so I hid behind a tree
to find myself already there
so I started following me
I asked myself "what does this mean?"
I said "you've seen all this before"
I said "friend you are delerious"
and jumped straight through the floor

I was falling at a rapid rate
my life flashed before my eyes
I could see the ground but before I hit
I thought of my disguise
and flew away with the other birds
high up to the sun
where a strange old man with a wooden leg
said "my boy I'm on the run"

I watched him running round and round
and I was about to shout
he stopped running in circles
that's what this poem's about
so I woke up this morning
with this dream stuck in my head
but dreams can be reality
that's why there's hen s@#t on my bed

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