SWEETSWORDS 61 [ Maryum Flower ]

SWEETSWORDS [Maryum Flower ]
Poga Humayun Dundiwala
He said let there be light,
You said I'm the light.
He said I'm the merciful,
You said I'm the mercy.
OH Jesus tell me.
Who is the words God.
And what is the Prophetic Prophecy.
Poga Says in The Foolington Maze
A Sea of hydrogen in boundless discharge,
Then came the clay with unified surge.
Creating infinity,
With finite urge.
Mrs Be Aql Khan Usta : The scroll of vibration
With the sonic light.
Then came the visions,
From the listeners sight.
A drop of tear for Jesus sake,
He said truly I am the son of man,
Humanity said fake.
Mr Barzakh Fitrath Ullah : He said let there be light,
You said I'm the light.
He said so you may be.
And God became the locked abode,
And you became the key.
Mrs Be AqlKhan Usta:Jesus is called second Adam,
Therefore he must come last.
To end the history of battles between Iblis and Insaan,
That begun with Adam first.
It was Allah who kept essence of first Adam,
For this last hour.
To show his lasting love,
And to reveal his punishing power.
When Iblis refused to prostrate to Adam,
And sent down to this earth.
Here they became enemy to each other,
What begins with every human birth.
Therefore from this mutant race of Jinn and Men,
When Dajjal appears with the power over hell and heaven.
Now who is more be fitting to kill him,
Apart from the original Adam.
Jesus the only Men,
Who ate not the fruit of Gondom.
Yes indeed to compare love and peace of Jesus,
The Prophet who will kill.
Yes to compare intelligence Dajjal,
Iblis is just one stupid imbecile.
Satan he only refused to prostate to humanity.
But Dajjal will command Jinn and Insaan,
To prostrate to him as Holy Divinity.
He will say I am the God,
Your only true Lord.
I hold the power over all,
Heaven and hell life and death.
So worship me,
I will give you peace and happiness health and wealth.
Mr Barzakh Fitrath Ullah : He will be killed by second Adam Jesus,
He will be killed by spirit Father Adam,
Through his progeny's carcass.
It is here you learn why Jesus said I am the alpha,
And I am the omega.
I am what I am.
It is here you learn why Jesus said I was there,
There before the Abraham.
He was sneeze of Adam,
Therefore direct DNA of the very first men.
He was the very first test tube baby,
For the race of human.
He is alpha because the reason above,
And for the omega reason under.
He will return at the last hour,
To kill the Dajjal human wonder.
Jesus will return to clarify,
The misconception of the deluded Nasara.
He will say word is true in heaven,
But Shaitan alters it in Samsara.
He will do his Prophetic duty,
To clarify his Last message.
And live as Muslim till end of his days.
His will testify about the eternal Al Quran,
He the JESUS will testify about the Qadiani Shaitan.
He will say nothing new
But he will be respected as the Rasul.
Therefore he will join Imam Mahdi as the Muslim Ummah,
To establish the Islamic rule.