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By Poga Humayun Dundiwala

Voice activated lock
And open Sim Sim
Voice activated luck
And praise and hymn
Science of sound
And signature of waves
Voice of life
And silence of graves

Voice activated charm
And abracadabra
Voice activate charmer
And silent cobra
Science of sounds
And echoing amen
Voice of dripping drop
And silence of ocean

Poga Say's in a Foolington Maze

Cursing words
And sarcastic remarks
Blind fury
And fire works
Voice activated love
And crying mate
Voice activated luck
And silent fate

Mr Barzakh Fitrath Ullah : Knock Knock
Who is there
Knocker Knocker
Who is nokar nokar
It is me the unseen cry
Seeking the attention of the onlooker

Mrs Be Aql Khan Usta : Lock Lock
Who is there
Key Key
Who is keekee
It is me the AQL of forward books upon the backward donkey

Mr Barzakh Fitrath Ullah : Between the knock knock and who is there
It is the lock lock who creates the BARZAKH the veiled screaming silencer
So the knock knock the lock lock and who is there are three
But who holds them all the children of shame in her womb of glory
Tell me Mama what secretes GOD placed in thou womb
Knock Knock
Who is there
I am the life who seeks to enter in your tomb of doom

Mrs Be Aql Khan Usta : Knock knock came from outside
And who is there came from within
Between them resides the DOOR
The most ignored unheard unseen
So knock knock is the desire the NAFS of the BODY
And who is there is the Intelligent BR AQL
Who is doing the examiners study
And lock lock is the Fitrath Ullah Veil
The BARZAKH acquaintance called who
And the womb that all hold them all is the word of GOD the all encompassing RUH
So the four are the Fitrath Ullah body with the NAFSI desire
And BE AQL is the mind what rules the body in this RUHANI Sansar
So the four are The Fitrath The Nafs The Aql and The RUH
It is they who hold the secrets of all knock and lock it is they who knows who is who
So the four are the BODY the BREATH the MIND and the SOUL
It is this four who makes each individual the complete whole

Mrs Be Aql Khan Usta : Vocal ZIKRULLAH
And instrumental Tabla
Qawali on Qtv live
Qalam of ALLAH with Satanic Jive

Mr Barzakh Fitrath Ullah : Praising sangeet
And Musical Hymn
Unwritable name
And paper ream
Carbonic chalking breath
And screeching words of oxygen
Unwritable name
And talking pen

Be Aql : Haram music and halal Adhan
Two distinct sign the moon and the sun
One is borrower light other is lander fire
One is the accommodare other is to acquire
Therefore for call me BARZAKH if you are completely mine
With true lovers call without fake phonetic sign

Barzakh : Emotions are very moving because there is motion
Therefore vibration moves the air and causes the mental sensation
Therefore learn oh BE AQL a dog whistle is not for the Shepperd but it is for the hound
The guide is led by his inner awareness the silent sound
The awareness that guides them both
The speechless command of the tongueless mouth
The music of life the rhythmic cosmic vibration
It is as simple as the body depends upon the breath and the breath depends upon the pulsation
So now you know the three stages of sound the front back and BARZAKH
So now you know about listening Parvathi and Shiva's theesra Ankh
So be like Paro and listen to Shiv
That i am the skin that covers the the Tabla But you are the frame the structural rib

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