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 In Her Arms Again

A poem from the novel
"The Essence of Poetry II:Gerald's Sophomore Yet Grown Poetrybook"
Written by: Gerald L. Ingraham


Sss, Oh…
The reveries of it…

Time has gotten harder to occupy
As each dusk of solitude dues by;
I can no longer persist my denial
Since my fortune is not her smile.

Sss, Mmm…
The thought of it.

Money has fail to compensate
For whom I cannot accommodate;
Memories just dignify all the pain
And I have a plentiful without gain.

Sss, Aau…
The dream of it.

I place all else behind,
Once this crossed my mind,
Life shall not feel akin,
Until I am in her arms again.

Sss, Ooh…
The reminisce of it.

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