SWEETSWORDS 66 [ The voice from within ]

SWEETSWORDS 66 [ The voice from within ]
Poga Humayun Dundiwala
When thoughts comes,
To terrible speak.
That means your heart is strong,
But mind of Shaitan is weak.
Poga Says in the Foolington Maze
A good heart,
It knows what is evil thought.
Without knowledge of temperature,
How can it distinguish what is cold,
And what is hot.
Awaluddin Marifathullah Says :Thinking is like a grasshopper ,
And thoughts are like grasses.
By instinct the mind jumps from one blade to another,
By its intuitive process.
Desire to fulfill thinking compels it to stop.
To catch the floating thoughts,
By thinking on target for hit and flop.
Many many thoughts floats ,
But only on one ego can stand.
Therefore concentration can only be placed on an issue,
When awareness is there to comprehend.
But mind is like grassland,
Where thoughts are growing at constant rate.
And thinker cannot go,
To every grass blade to investigate.
Therefore mind finds resting place for thinker,
In the realm of forgotten dreams.
Where all awaking mind leaves,
Theirs unanswered thinking themes.
Therefore when concentration is done,
In the relaxed meditative state.
One can connect to any issue,
What does not require to investigate.
For that hyperactive meditative state.
Not relaxation but very attentive tension is required,
For thinking mind to accumulate.
Mr Barzakh Fitarh Ullah : There is a hand within me,
Attached to an compass.
It is like a marker of consciousness,
Attached to my carnal carcass.
It is not straight like twelve o clock,
But slightly slanting on right like alif.
This slanting of right consciousness,
Is the singular cause of my happiness and grief.
Only in the level of Fanafillah.
Where I am everything I am Allah.
It is there in the zero function.
Where the cause and the effect, Creates the delayed suspension.
Where there is no past or future apart from now.
Where ID, ego and super ego,
All are one as the I,me and mine,
No room for thou.
But compass of consciousness of awaken state.
And who tells you about the awaken state,
Yes it is the state when not Allah, But men writes his own fate.
But in Fanafillah,
Where the self is the Allah.
There ego temporarily disconnects from super ego,
And surrenders to the innate intuitive ID.
There without hate malice or greed.
In the placid pool of self satisfaction,
Self talking to self and listening to self narration.
It is like drop returns to ocean,
And realizes its infinite capacity.
But the marker of consciousness returns in awaken state,
With measures of self credibility.
And in the awaken state a creature learns,
The basics of the creations settings.
And the settings are the self and the surroundings.
All apart all is Allah.
La ilaha illel la,
Muhammadur Rasulullah.