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Take me to to your leader
This little green man said
I thought he's not there
Outside of my head
So I did a little tap dance
Refusing to see
This little green man
Just staring at me

He said I'm still waiting
Please take me there
For I'm needing the autograph
Of your Tony Blair
Oh please please do help me
I am in a rush
For I've also to get
That of George Bush

So I gave him my map
Of London underground
Explained how it efficiently
Got people around
And the last time I saw him
He was on his way there
Via Piccadilly Line
And Trafalgar Square

He gave me a present
As he said goodbye
A pair of dancing shoes
With which I can fly
So I did another tap dance
With the greatest of glee
Hovering six feet above
The Mediterranean Sea

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