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"Luminosity" represents the harmony and balance between the human spirit and the invisible player.
"All is true to those that sing in tune"

Have awareness of the invisible player in your daily life.
Get to know your true spirit self.
Be at one with the universe and all surrounding energies.
Clarify your thought intentions with the external world
Be patient with your own process and with that of others.
Practice curiosity without preconceptions.
Have dignity and respect with relationships that enrich your life.
Observe the life of dreams...
Which allows us to experience alternate realities.
So we may see what the future has in store for us.
Integrate the harmony of spiritual light.
And project the darkness to the outside.
We exist in a body of light.
That relates to our creativity...
Which is based in our dream world.

Copyright Hud 2005-2012. Writer/Poet/Philosopher.

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