Love Bouquats

                                          LOVE BOQUATS
                                                                  Translated by P.R.Ramachander

One of the greatest poets of the world , but rarely known outside Tamil Nadu state of India is Thiruvalluvar. His greatest and possibly only well known contribution is Thirukkural. It has 1330 stanzas divided in to 3 major heads, Ways to live, Ways to rule and Ways to love. These are further divided in to several chapters, each chapter containing ten stanzas with two lines, the first line containing four words and the second three words. To measure the amount of wisdom embedded in each of these stanzas of seven words, is according a poet admirer , an attempt to measure sea water.While the pithy wisdom in Ways to live and Ways to rule are well known, those in Ways to love are rarely known. Some of these are translated in to free verse below by Mr.P.R.Ramachander. Love the longing of the beloved and great role that lovers quarrel plays in cementing love are the major aspects dealt under this head.

Is it the God of Death,
Is it eyes,
Or is it a winsome deer
This lovely maidens eye,
Is all the three.

With looks of a fawn,
In its blooming youth,
And with a lovely shy looks,
All her jewels,
Are not needed , dear..

She is worse than wine,
For wine makes one tipsy,
Only when one drinks ,
But not when one looks.

Her black sparkle eyes,
Are the worst,
Pathogen known,
But it also is,
The cure for all the ills,
Caused by her eyes.

When I stare at her,
Looks she down the floor,
And when I turn my eyes,
She looks at me and drinks.

When eye and eye talk,
What is the use,
Of words and words.

To see, to hear,
To smell. To touch and to drink,
It is all in her,
And she is the one,
With the jingling bangles.

All the touch,
Of her lovely mien,
Gives only life.
Is she made of nectar divine

When I walk away,
It is hot.
When I go near it is cold,
Where did she get this lovely fire.

When she hugs me sweet,
The villain great,
Is the breeze,
Which passes between us.

The lovely stars in the sky,
Are forever confused,
Between their lord the moon,
And her lovely face.

The heavenly water,
Between her teeth,
Which prattles so sweet,
Is sweet as a mixture,
Of milk and honey.

I don't wear,
Eye lashes black,
For my sweetheart dear,
Will go away from my eyes.

If it is silent,
None would know,
So my love to him,
Wanders in the street.

This plant of love,
Grows on and on,
Because of mummy's hard words,
And the harsh gossip of.
All those in the street.

If you are never going,
Tell me dear,
If it is going and return,
Tell to those who can ,
Live until such time.

When love makes you glad,
It is as big as sea,
But when it gives, sorrow,
It is thousand folds,
Bigger than the sea.

If only I can meet,
My sweet heart as quickly as my mind,
My eyes need not swim,
In this sea of tears.

This chronic disease ,
Called love,
Came through my eyes,
Which made me see,
And why o' why,
This flood of tears now?

When he does not come,
It never shuts,
And when comes too,
It never shuts,
My eyes are dead tired now.

If only he loves me,
Whom I love most,
It is like my,
Getting a seedless fruit.

Love is greater than wine,
For even my thoughts,
About love,
Makes me happy,
Unlike wine,
Which I have to drink.

The about to erupt sneeze,
Sometimes vanishes without a trace,
Like my sweetheart dreaming about me,
Forgets me without a trace.

When I am awake,
He does not come..
But I am alive,
Because he comes in my dreams.

My eyes have lost,
To the sweet smelling flowers,
As my sweet heart,
Has gone to the lands unknown.

Hey heart mine,
Cant you think and find,
A medicine divine,
For this illness called love.

I try to hide my love,
But it doesn't obey,
And bursts to the world,
As unending sneeze.

My eyes have become weak,
By staring the way ,
From which He will come,
And my little fingers are numb,
Turning the calendar to see,
The date in which he will come.

Even if you don't tell me dear,
There is a news which your eyes tell,
When you think about,
Him whom you love.

When he comes near me,
I never think of his wrongs,
But when he is away,
I think only about them.

Oh my dear heart,
Why you don't help me dear,
Even when he is away,
And thinks,
About some one else dear.

Little love is like salt,
In tasty food made divine,
Without it ,
Neither food nor love,
Tastes so great.

I was playing a tiff with my dear,
When sneezed he twice,
Dreaming that I will.
Bless him twice.

I sneezed,
Said she "God bless,
And then wailed she,
Who is there ,
To think of you except me.

In love quarrels divine,
He who loses wins,
This is known ,
Only to those who love.

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Love Bouquats

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