Poga Humayun Dundiwala.
Metaphorical space less vacuum,
And measurement of mind.
A split in a whole,
With combinational bind.
In between a medium,
This instrument of Intelligence.
it's thirst of knowledge,
Provides proof of it's ignorance.
Metaphorical space less vacuum,
And capacity of the mind.
A split in a whole,
With front and behind.
In between a meddler,
The metaphorical empty womb.
It the mother of all metaphors,
Father of all vacuum.
Poga Says The Foolington Maze
Enters the home.
From the open path,
Came the confined vacuum.
In the tavern of prosperity,
Some in house community.
Reads the last post.
And Postman Ali,
Delivers instantly.
Guest to guest,
Host to host.
Enters the center,
Accommodator of entry,
And exit preventer.
Mothers womb,
In the Father's testicle.
Enters the complexity design,
In diagram so simple.
Mrs Be Aql Khan Usta : Enters the Womb,
The crowded space,
And the empty room.
It said I am the hollow vacuum,
The Mather of all solid birth.
I bore sons of the sky.
And the daughters of the earth.
I am the dark curiosity,
Who begets all bright clarity.
I am the instance,
Who bore the infinity.
Mrs Be Aql Khan Usta : From the solid sound,
Came the echoing vibration.
From the satisfied creation,
Came the thirsty evolution.
It said I am from the Arsh of Allah,
Because my Father is the Kursi.
I am the flower of Creation,
From the tree of Creator's mercy.
I am the womb,
The space to hold all matters.
My father is the pen of Allah,
And it's written letters.
I am the centre.
The womb that holds,
All the creations of the Creator.
Mr Barzakh Fitrah Ullah : To know where is the knowledge center,
I asked the outcast idiot.
He said center is where,
The X marks the spot.
In the square you put two line,
From corner to corner.
Now you see X marks the spot,
Where is the inner center.
Now if you put a triangle,
Above the square.
You will see all the circular questions,
And theirs cubical answer.